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Soon to be second year Columbia University Film MFA Creative Producing Student. I graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2011, studied abroad for a semester at UArts London, completed a one year internship at Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival/Crystalline Studios/Cinevore Studios, and worked on a few shorts such as Work/Life by Consurgo Films as Assistant Director and the upcoming Occurrence as Assistant Director (which will be showing in some Philadelphia Festivals in the spring and in Fall 2015). I will be posting some projects I have produced and directed during my time at Columbia University.


  1. Bianca Catbagan
  2. Shelly Yo
  3. Yi Liu
  4. Zack Morrison
  5. Mica Coburn
  6. Joshua Troxler
  7. Lia Nies
  8. Shooting Wall
  9. Matt Duffy
  10. Minji Kwon
  11. Isaac Ruth
  12. Steven Schneider
  13. Zimbo Films
  14. KHYBER
  15. Elliot Herman
  16. Nan Tohchoodee
  17. Derick Crucius
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