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A recent graduate of the Walnut Street Theatre Apprentice Program, Caroline has hit the ground running. Her Philadelphia stage debut came with the 2010 Play Penn Conference in the role of Cassy in Dan Dietz' "Clementine in the Lower Nine" (dir Aaron Posner). Soon to follow was her first Fringe Fest piece. "A Lesson in a Dead Language" played to sold out houses on the Lantern's main stage this past September. Her most recent project was with Bootless Artworks where she tackled the role of Olive Ovstrofsky in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee". In addition to stage, Caroline recently work with world renowned director, Valentina Lari, on a beautiful art film examining the the women of the Mutter Museum- stay tuned for post production news. The videos featured on this site are audio clips from a radio drama she participated in at Stephens College (BFA Theatre Arts)


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