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Carol Leigh is a sex worker activist, performer and filmmaker. Leigh coined the term 'sex work' in the late 70s. She has been a spokesperson for COYOTE, member of SWOP, Desiree and founder of BAYSWAN. Leigh coordinated a street outreach project, volunteered at needle exchange and represented the SF Commission on the Status of Women on the Board of Supervisor's Task Force on Prostitution.  She  toured  with the Sex Workers' Art Show and founded the  San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival in 1999.  "Unrepentant Whore: Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot" was published by Last Gasp in 2003.

External Links

  • Sex Worker Media Library - funded by a grant from the Creative Work Fund, the library features a pathfinder-based delivery system of digital materials documenting the stories, artistic expressions, history, and legal and social positions of sex workers internationally.
  • Trafficking Policy Research Proj - Examining the Effects of U.S. Trafficking Laws and Policies Labor Migration - Sex Work - Trafficking Laws and Policies - Forced Labor
  • BAYSWAN - Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network


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