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Carolyn Chiu is a 2nd generation Taiwanese American who resides in Manhattan, New York as a multi media artist with an early childhood background in gymnastics. Her experience and interest in performing arts started at a young age. It gradually developed while competing on a southern California gymnastics team. Her training consists of a variety of mixed art disciplines ranging from ballet to yoga, break dancing to cheer, lyrical to burlesque. During her last stressful semester at Parsons Design Technology MFA program in Spring 2008, she discovered how pole classes enhanced her ability to self express. She continues to be inspired by many pole fitness environments and launched a pole photography studio in New York City. In July 2010 she joined LI Dance Fitness in Hauppauge, NY. Here she launched her Chinese pole program which she innovatively and creatively combined the arts of gymnastics and yoga based around the pole. She currently holds the title, "Hong Kong Pole Fitness Champion 2010." Her recent performance is a group collaboration with MoMa PS1's Young Architects Program designed by SO-IL titled "Pole Dance," a summer-long outdoor social space. With two-year experience combined as a pole fitness student, instructor, and performer, it was a naturally embraced process. Carolyn’s primary focus is to spread the art of vertical dancing as a respected, graceful performance demonstrating health, fitness and balance.

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