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Carolyn is a Providence based director, screenwriter, SFX make-up artist, and pug-enthusiast. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Film/Animation/Video from the Rhode Island School of Design in May of 2014, where she focused on directing and writing for film. In addition, Carolyn received a minor in Politics and Policy, and was the first time receipient of the David. A Warner Prize for excellence in writing and history.

Carolyn's film and screenwriting work explores the psychological impact of dysfunctional family dynamics on young children and adolescents through both personal documentary and fictional narratives. Some of her greatest influences include directors Louis Malle, Michael Haneke and David Lynch, and screenwriter-novelist Marguerite Duras.

This spring she was invited to be a member of the Director's panel at the Rhode Island Film Collaborative's 2014 Actor's Spotlight and was interviewed for her senior thesis film, "Operation: TWIRL," by the RISD Media Group. In the spring of 2013, her junior thesis film, "New Shoes," was mentioned in Motif Magazine's April edition of "Scene and Heard" by Rosemary Pacheco and was interviewed for the magazine's segment titled "Women Behind the Camera."

Aside from her film work Carolyn is an award winning classical pianist and performed at Carnegie Hall at the age of 12. She currently lives with her boyfriend and their black pug named Charlotte, nick-named "Char baby"/"Char-Char Binks".

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