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I am a story teller, a four-time Emmy award-winning producer, writer, and director of documentaries.

My credits include:

"The Truth About Cancer," which tracks the realization of several patients that it's all about the biology of the cancer--not how hard one fights to survive--when it comes to who wins and loses. A Reel Lives Film Festival "Best Reportage" award winner! A Writers Guild nominee!

"Sister Aimee," for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, which reveals what happened in the early part of the 1900s when a Pentecostal preacher wished for national fame. She got her wish--when she found herself at the center of a sex scandal.

"Rebels," for the special PBS series "They Made America," examines how Ted Turner, the father of CNN, and Russell Simmons, the father of hip hop, which was once called "the black CNN," changed the face of the media.

"A Day in the Life of J Burke High School," which tracks the struggles of a new teacher, two students, and a parent in a 24-hour period while the school fights to win back accreditation. An Emmy award-winner!

"Darwin's Dangerous Idea," a period drama for PBS's EVOLUTION series that reveals why Darwin himself was afraid to publish "The Origin of Species."

"Searching for the Promised Land," for THE CENTURY, an ABC-TV Peter Jennings Reporting Unit production, reveals the little known story of the Memphis garbage strike, an unpopular cause that brought Martin Luther King Jr to Tennessee when he was killed. An Emmy award-winner!

"Coma" follows a head-trauma case from the moment it arrives in the emergency room, against the backdrop of a controversial struggle among a handful of doctors to change the way these patients are treated. A DuPont-Columbia Gold Medal winner!

"Lightning" follows several groups of storm chasers to try to solve one of nature's mysteries: what causes lightning. A Telescience Film Festival "best nature show" award winner!

"Spy in the Sky," for PBS's AMERICAN EXPERIENCE series, uses never before seen footage to show the classified development of the U-2 spy plane during the Cold War and what forces lead to the famous shoot-down of one of the planes over the Soviet Union. An Emmy nominee!

"Secret of the Wild Child," for PBS's NOVA series, reveals what happened after the discovery in the early 1970s of a 13-year-old girl who had been severely socially isolated from birth. An Emmy award-winner!

"Echoes of War," for PBS's NOVA series, reveals the top secret push to develop radar, which played a surprisingly large role in winning World War II.

"Race for the Superconductor," for PBS's NOVA series, shows what happens when a discovery in an obscure field of physics set off an international race to secure a Nobel Prize. An Emmy award winner!

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