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Jeff Osman
Director / Photographer & film maker
carpe diem images
PO Box 5595
Mordialloc Vic 3195
m: 0401048474

A small village in Macedonia is where the story began in 1966.
Migrating to Australia in 1973, my family and I made Australia our home. At the age of 8 the first camera I ever held crossed my palm. It was a russian kiev which belonged to my father whom had already carved his career as a photographer in the army.
Creativity came to me easily and from an early age my eyes would see many images that others failed to see in the same light.
Driven by the desire to become an artist I began by putting pencil to paper, images etched effortlessly. A flair was emerging and deep within I knew my calling was going to be in the arts.
Collaborating my passion for fashion, art, music and photography...a career was chosen.
And so the journey began......the quest for capturing that perfect image.
As well as photography I chiseled a career which incorporated film as well as directing.
And so Carpe Diem Films was born. (2004)
2015 is the year of change, a new direction...a new focus .
Welcome Carpe Diem Images.....which encompasses conceptual fine art photography .
My vision is to bring to life natural raw images that can only come out of a camera that shoots the classical medium format (negatives in square) Im going back to basics the old fashioned way, bringing a touch of magic to my images.
The journey continues... a refined and redefined photographer on his quest to chase and capture real moments in time......with a touch of class.

I am Jeff Osman.


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