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CARPETRAIN is a production studio based in Moscow, Russia.
It was born as result of friendship and collaboration of a group of like-minded folks, visual junkies, wacky about designing, filming, editing, and doing all kinds of useless yet ultimately beautiful stuff.
Although historically our strongest flank is television - from channel branding to on-air promotions and production of short form content - we never stop inventing, experimenting and developing into the new forms and genres of digital content. Every member of our gang is a dedicated professional with a background in either TV, ad or film production. We are open-minded, dynamic and always ready to rock!


  1. Shane Hurlbut, ASC
  2. Ivan Kolpakov
  3. Onesize
  4. Maciek Janicki
  5. Dvein
  6. Ash Bolland
  7. The Mill
  8. Pichesky Agency
  9. Рабочее название