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I call I call myself a "Spiritual--Autistic--Liberal--Naturalist--Globetrotter-- Humanitarian--Ethicurean--Animal Welfare Advocate--Naturalist--Photographer--Colorado Native--AND--Future Lunatic Farmer."

I believe in Edward Abbey’s philosophy that it is not enough to fight for the natural world, but that we must also enjoy it. Humanity is at a tipping point for the better, and I am proud to be working on my creative solutions through personal evolution, constructive risk-taking, and self-actualization with myself and the natural world.

Steve Jobs mission was to connect the world through technology. My mission in life is to reconnect the world to nature and Temple Grandin says "People were animals, too, once, and when we turned into human beings we gave something up. Being close to animals brings some of it back." By bringing back the connection to people through the environment and learn from the other beings, we could use their help too.

By helping others to reconnect the world of Mother Nature, I also seek to be a conscious human being in many roles including being a life-long student, mentor, friend, future husband and parent.

Tashi Deley!


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