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Welcome to our weekly showcase of the best independent animated shorts on the Internet. Every film in our not-for-profit showcase is uploaded with the full consent and cooperation of the filmmakers.

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  1. Shen Jie
  2. Zack Williams
  3. Nate Theis
  4. Wan-jung Hsiao
  5. Mathijs & Esther
  6. Hello I am UU
  7. Doug Hindson
  8. andy kennedy
  9. Eusong Lee
  10. Andy Rementer
  11. Noam Sussman
  12. joseph Pelling
  13. Eoin Duffy
  14. Jonathan Djob Nkondo
  15. oneedo
  16. Sam Chou
  17. Max Hattler
  18. Tiny Inventions

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