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  1. Vimeo Meetup!

    by Blake Whitman

    110 Videos 1,103 Members

    Sometimes Vimeo users meet each other in REAL LIFE!! I know, crazy huh? This group is for videos from Vimeo Meet ups all over the world.

  2. Made in Japan

    by Justin Lincoln

    2,049 Videos 679 Members

    This group is for people that have produced videos in or about Japan... This is open for people that live and work there or even those that are just passing through.

  3. Physical Computing

    by Tangible Interaction

    875 Videos 676 Members

    In the broadest sense, means building interactive physical systems by the use of software and HARDWARE that can sense and respond to the analog world. Please just add videos that meet this criteria. Also…

  4. Halloween

    by Andrea Allen

    450 Videos 373 Members

  5. Same video, different use

    by Remyyy

    109 Videos 332 Members

    The idea is that all the people who want to participate are taking the same video and are using, remixing, editing, coloring it as they want. Come play with us !!!! Please add only videos related…

  6. Vimeo API Developers

    by Brad Dougherty

    5 Videos 210 Members

    The official Vimeo API group. Feel free to post links to or videos of your awesome apps you programmed with the Vimeo API!

  7. NIN Ghosts Festival

    by Andy Galletly

    80 Videos 83 Members

    "There are no rules to this - be as creative as you like." (This isn't an official Nine Inch Nails group, you still need to upload to youtube to submit to them)

  8. Addicted To Vimeo

    by Bracken James Batson

    273 Videos 71 Members

    Do you find yourself thinking about Vimeo a bit more than "normal"? Is it difficult to go much longer than an hour or less without checking your video statistics? Do you find yourself…

  9. Vimeo Staff Challenge

    by Mark

    32 Videos 41 Members

  10. Röyksopp Fans

    by Röyksopp

    14 Videos 32 Members

  11. The Jamie and Irene Extravaganza

    by Blake Whitman

    16 Videos 10 Members

    Hey Guys! If you have any footage from Jamie and Irene's wedding/weekend extravaganza, upload it here!

  12. Pugh

    by Chad Pugh

    5 Videos 5 Members

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