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Casey grew up in the Bay Area exploring the wilderness and watching movies in dark theaters. His early life shaped his eye, helping him become who he is today.

Since his beginnings he has worked as a directors assistant for Tony Kaye, Art Department for Kanye West, and as a Cinematographer with Decon, and other leading agencies in LA and NYC. His experience spans the expertise of directing, cinematography, art direction, editing, and supervising.

In his spare time he runs the creative agency, Lamp and Boat, partnering with agencies to develop, produce, and generate integrated video content. Clients include Bobbi Brown, Saturdays Surf NYC, Hurley, Pendleton, Original Penguin, PARADE Magazine, Restorsea, Triple 5 Soul, Muubaa, Happy Hearts Foundation, and Pavan liquors and more.

He views every adventure in his life as a movie scene playing out before his eyes, capturing and sharing these moments in time through his lens.

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