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Long before the current wave of Russian and Eastern European beats and glitch producers, Bulgarian
duo 1000names were in at the foundation of the sound, debuting with the now classic Melonball
Bounce alongside Rustie on Beatnick’s Vol 1 in 2007. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, their geographic
isolation and relatively long musical development has helped Margg and Nikko (their real names)
develop a truly individualistic sound: quirky, bubbly, and human. They are identifiably part of the
global beats scene without ever being generic.
They released their debut album with French label Eklektik Records, before moving over to Black
Acre, dropping the first ever long player on that label. In January 2010 Mary Anne Hobbs invited them
to contribute a mix for her legendary BBC Radio 1 show, and since then they’ve been featured and
recommended in Pitchfork, XLR8R and every publication of note.
Margg started out as a drummer, Nikko as a painter, giving them a basis in both old school musicality
and art history. Taking their name from an Anish Kapoor scultpture they are great collectors and
appreciators of culture, and this breadth of vision can be heard in their music and their willingness to
embrace new forms.

by Toby Brundin.

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