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  1. surreal

    by Adolf Osborne joined

    55 Videos / 21 Members

  2. experimental short films

    by DodoFilm joined

    138 Videos / 81 Members

    best experemental film works

  3. lofi

    by Robomatix Rebirth joined

    660 Videos / 61 Members

    Everything lofi or that content lofi...

  4. Art & Film

    by Menina d' Santos joined

    17 Videos / 16 Members

  5. super8

    by Joern M. Bakke joined

    82 Videos / 34 Members

  6. Cyberpunk

    by Skye X joined

    130 Videos / 55 Members

    Dark, Futuristic, Gritty, Dystopian, Pre-Apocalyptic. Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Akira, Ghost in the Shell. Cyberpunk.

  7. ART

    by René Petit joined

    92 Videos / 37 Members

  8. Conceptual videoart

    by Pablo Tarszenski joined

    542 Videos / 178 Members

    Open group for conceptual video-artist to share their works with people around the world. You just need to join this group, then click on the "add tab" of any of your videos and check…

  9. erotic

    by Ned and Aya Rosen joined

    1,926 Videos / 2,872 Members

    Have fun, but have subtext too, or don't.

  10. International Experimental Film Group

    by Mason Shefa joined

    2,136 Videos / 971 Members

    A group for experimental filmmakers to get together and share from all parts of the world. This group is connected to the Experimental Film Discussion Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_178216555569455&ap=1 This…

  11. Erotica Visuala

    by Hybryds joined

    3,508 Videos / 4,828 Members

    All visuals dealing with erotic, nudes, and sexual ideas. No porn, although we like to cross borders with this group. No slideshows of pictures, do not post to much, keep room for others.


    by Ale Corsini joined

    2,964 Videos / 988 Members

    "When video pervades the space around you, molding your senses and extending your limbs. Welcome to the other side of the screen. Welcome to VIDEODROME, where video becomes experience...." ::::::::::::::::::::: More…

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