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  4. 36:01


    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    8 Videos

    These are some of the films we are most proud of. Enjoy!

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  6. 01:10:49


    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    4 Videos

    This is the complete first season of Pulse, a webisode series chronicling the stories that deserve to be told at Northview Community Church.

  7. 38:58

    Promotional Videos

    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    5 Videos

    A few of the videos we have done for clients recently.

  8. 44:26

    Music Videos

    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    6 Videos

    Here is a small collection of some of the videos we have made for musicians and bands.

  9. 02:01:31

    Church and Non-Profit Videos

    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    8 Videos

    This is a collection of films we have made for various churches, ministries and organizations.

  10. 49:34

    Cassiar Weddings

    by Cassiar MediaWorks

    3 Videos

    Here is a collection of some of our wedding films.

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