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Hi, I'm Cassie Jaye, I'm a filmmaker and the founder of Jaye Bird Productions. I'm most known for my documentaries that tackle sensitive issues. I've made films about: sexual education, LGBT rights, people with handicaps and disabilities, HIV/AIDs, religious issues, gender issues, suicide, abortion, and the list goes on.

My first feature documentary, "Daddy I Do", screened at 10 film festivals and won 6 awards including the Audience Favorite Award at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and the Best Documentary Award at the Action on Film Festival and at the Cannes Independent Film Festival. My second feature film, "The Right to Love: An American Family", had its Oscar-qualifying theatrical release in September 2012 and is now available through Comcast Xfinity and on I'm currently in post-production on my third feature film, "The Red Pill".

I've also directed and produced many short films including: "Faces Overlooked" (which won 2nd prize in the national 'Faces of Hunger in America' film competition and was featured on YouTube's homepage), "The Story of GoldieBlox" (Audience Award winner in Morgan Spurlock's Focus Forward Film Competition), Instant Voice (a 12 minute promotional video for a medical company), Isabella (a scripted psychological thriller), behind the scenes of "Emily's Oz" (a highly praised and respected ad campaign for Xfinity Comcast) and "Who's There" (a short dramedy that I wrote and directed).

I'm available for hire as a director and/or producer for documentaries, scripted films and commercials.

Thanks for visiting my vimeo page!

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