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Catch-30 is a show about 7 New York City friends at a turning point in their lives. Like most people, they have spent their 20's looking for all the answers; the perfect partner, career and lifestyle. All the while pushing the boundaries of their dreams, potential, and sexuality. Now as they approach 30, they are beginning to question the choices they've made up to this point and in turn also begin to challenge the societal norms they have grown up believing in. Marcus, Jasmine, Hayley, Jacob, Melanie, Jason, and Sandra are the embodiment of Gen Y. They don’t want to play by the rules society has imposed on all of us. Most of us believe if we sacrifice enough of ourselves, we can always make it work. That you have to give up part of yourself to make the other person happy, rather than the truth, which is relationships, although they do take nurturing, should be about loving and supporting one another. There comes a point in everyone’s life, when you realize every decision, every choice has a consequence. A moment can change everything, change your destiny, change the way you think, challenge everything you thought to be true. A point where you have to search deep inside for the things that really matter. We are social animals, compelled to be with each other, even if it makes us unhappy. Most of us at some point in our lives have chosen to be in a mediocre relationship rather than being alone. But the fact remains there is no lonelier place than being with the wrong person. We go through our lives, most of the time blindly, with our eyes and hearts only half open. Then something happens and wakes us up, and it’s time, time to make a choice…

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