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  1. The Arts

    by Gene Geter

    10.4K Videos / 3,299 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

  2. Character Animation

    by Yelenloud

    9,098 Videos / 3,204 Members

    This group is for all things involving character animation. I'm interested in seeing various styles and media including stop motion, traditional, After Effects, Flash animation, etc. I want to…

  3. Underground Cinema

    by The Undergrounder

    6,306 Videos / 3,031 Members

    The Underground Cinema is dedicated to giving a platform to independent film making. We have sprung out of the deeply ingrained commercialism inherant in film distribution: we oppose it. We take submissions…

  4. Color Grading

    by Nikola Stefanovic

    7,125 Videos / 3,024 Members

    Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally. -- For strictly grading showreels…

  5. Sweet and Sound Video Submissions

    by Sweet and Sound

    267 Videos / 2,978 Members

    This is a group created by London based arts and music magazine Sweet and Sound, looking for upcoming talent and hidden classics alike. No theme or prerequisites, just great content. Every week…

  6. Contemporary dance

    by Images de danse

    7,156 Videos / 2,934 Members

    Contemporary dance, modern dance, performance, Tanztheater, butoh are welcome. NO CLASSICAL BALLET, NO HIP HOP, NO TRADITIONAL DANCES PLEASE. Irrelevant videos will be deleted

  7. Creative League Motion

    by Creative League Motion

    8,963 Videos / 2,910 Members

    Movies in this group are also displayed on! Head over to to create your profile and share your Vimeo movies. Creative League is a showcase platform for…

  8. VFX Projects

    by alberd jacuzzi

    7,096 Videos / 2,866 Members

    In this group you can find all VFX and Effect-tests made by vimeo artists. Every effect from every program is desired. Have fun

  9. VJ Showcase

    by Fader

    8,840 Videos / 2,730 Members

    Showcase and share your latest VJ demo, live mix, AV mash-up and experimental video work with the rest of the VJ community.

  10. Documentary

    by wendy testu

    6,867 Videos / 2,728 Members

    This group is about any video meant to document a project a place or an event using video as your art form.

  11. Photo Shoots

    by Matt Glass

    5,421 Videos / 2,656 Members

    A place to see behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots from various photographers. Join in.

  12. After Effects Channel

    by Heather Hass

    9,884 Videos / 2,500 Members

    For those who love after effects and would like a channel dedicated just for after effects videos!