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  1. Electronic Music Production

    by LoopTV

    3,117 Videos / 1,268 Members

    This is a group for music producers, DJs and composers of electronic music to join. We welcome submissions of Music Videos, Music Production Tips & Tricks, Kit Reviews, Sample CDs, Tech News,…

  2. Nudist Dance

    by Carles Masip

    505 Videos / 1,200 Members

  3. Music, music......

    by Zofiafotoeule

    1,535 Videos / 1,179 Members

    Music videos, doku, concerts, etc... Welcome! What is music to you? Music is freedom that relentlessly exists Freedom of speech Freedom of thought Freedom of creativity Freedom of imagination Music…

  4. Ambient Video

    by Doug Siefken

    3,866 Videos / 985 Members

    The Ambient Video group is for the exploration of art video that is typicaly of a non-disrutive nature - for example fluid stills© imagery. see also -

  5. Music Videos HD

    by Aaron Gentry

    3,146 Videos / 972 Members

  6. Strictly For The Hip Hop Heads

    by Noisemaker Media

    3,615 Videos / 968 Members

    Fresh content ONLY... Spare us the mediocrity.

  7. Music Videos

    by espen

    2,633 Videos / 929 Members

  8. experimental / ambient / electronic

    by Norbert Gresku

    3,591 Videos / 921 Members

    the mixture of the above can produce amazing things, right? whether you are a musician or simply a music lover, join and share your own stuff, interesting findings or live recordings. a group for…

  9. monome

    by corporation

    1,683 Videos / 900 Members

    The monome group!

  10. Everyone's Take Away Show

    by La Blogotheque

    5,087 Videos / 831 Members

    Every video related to the Take Away Shows project by La Blogotheque. - Videos of La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows - Videos made by our friends - And any video that follows the spirit !…

  11. Hip Hop


    2,788 Videos / 822 Members

  12. Live Performances

    by From Stage

    5,825 Videos / 809 Members

    Short fragments of concerts, artists performing in unusual places. Good audio is a must, informative description would be nice.