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New Hampshire, NH

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I am one half of Film Unbound, we self produce fiction, documentary and tailor-made product demonstrations, brand docs and event coverage for clients including educational institutions, charities, business' and individuals.

I am a maker. Firstly a writer and director of both film and theatre and then of knitted items, bread, clothing and many, many cups of tea. It's all about the making. But I don't do it alone, I am always on the look out for collaborators, inspirators and conspirators. Let's make!

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  • Film Unbound - Here's where you will find my companies work
  • Film Unbound Blog - Here's where you will find me, and my partner talking about filming making, our kit, our projects and more.
  • Short FIlm Night - Our regular event to bring together filmmakers and cinema lovers in order to talk, share and enjoy short films


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