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About us | Caustic Comedy Events is an independent organization specialized in international sedulous stand-up comedy productions, that offers a stage for professional & talented comedians.

Established in 2011, Caustic Comedy Events produces live stand-up shows on location, works with individual comedians and artists agencies with superb national and international stand-up comedians. We have organized thirteen stand-up comedy shows with English and Dutch (semi-) professional comedians in our first three years.
Stand-up Comedy is an art-form that came over to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom in the mid-80s, and later from the United States. Stand-up is characterized by humorous storylines and a series of comic referred to shorter or longer anecdotes and an occasional or a series of one-liners with a predominantly socially critical undertone. Brought by our artists and presented by one of our luminous Comperés (Host’s) whom carries, lifts, and warms up our audiences in stages throughout our shows.

Contacting us
Available: 09-21:00 (GMT+1)
Or just call us at: +316 485 3355 7
Skype-name: CausticComedy (Events)
Our general email address is:

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