Carlos Cazalis

Mexico City, Mexico.

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Carlos Cazalis is a Mexican-born documentary photographer, designer, and filmmaker who grew up in five different countries in North and South America. Born September 13, 1969 in Mexico City, he began photographing at the age of 14 in Argentina during the finals years of the military dictatorship that ended in 1982. He pursued a degree in Marine Biology at the University of Miami in 1987. His professional career began shortly after his return to Mexico after a 23-year absence where he started working for a local newspaper while simultaneously freelancing with AFP. In 1999 he entered Parsons School of Design to complete his MFA in Digital Design in 2001. He returned in 2004 to photographing and has since been on a nomadic pursuit documenting world events in over 15 countries. His focus has been primarily on human rights issues in regard to housing in some of the world's most populated cities. In 2011 he completed a film on post-earthquake Haiti with over 18 months of documentation with producer David Snider and sound designer Nao Sakamoto. Cazalis has been awarded numerous international awards including a first place World Press Photo Award in 2009 and POYi the same year. His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, The Guardian Weekend, Asahi magazine, L'Espresso, Stern, Polka, Le Monde and the New York Times among others.

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