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History of the space station

According to the stories of the members of the c-base, the space station crashed due to unstable conditions in its orbit after exiting a time warp. At that time there was a number of highly technological advances and heretofore undiscovered lifeforms aboard the station. Much evidence of its existence is said to be in and around Berlin, including the aforementioned antenna, which was (according to stories) unmasked by East German and Soviet scientists. Other evidence, such as the multifunctional space station module, which ejected during the crash, is now under intense research and makes up the current premises of the c-base association.
There is currently only a printed edition of the collected knowledge about the space station, known as the "space almanack" (Ger.: Allmanach). A project, called "c-pedia", is currently underway, attempting to make this knowledge available on the internet. There is also a reconstruction of station artifacts taking place.

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