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Detroit, Michigan

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As a recent graduate of the Film/Video program at Grand Valley State University, I have had several years of leadership experience working with students, faculty, and members of the community. I was the producer of several 400 level fiction and nonfiction film projects, as well as lead editor and sound designer on many of these projects. In my senior thesis film, For the Love of Jazz, I managed every aspect of the production including the writing, directing, producing, editing, and sound design. The 40-minute musical film went on to win awards at several film festivals. I was involved in Grand Valley's television station, GVTV. I produced and managed two programs for five seasons and eventually earned a position as an executive board member. Pursuing my interest in community service, I produced an award-winning program called Inspire, which received Best College Talk Show by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, and I co-produced a Telethon raising over $2500 for the American Cancer Society. In addition, I am the owner of my own personal production company, Double Vision Productions. My twin sister and I began the company in 2008 providing theatrical videography services. Since then we have expanded our offerings to production and postproduction services for several local and regional clients.


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