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Circulo Creativo London is an online information, co-working and contact platform for Spanish creatives in London. This is a non-profit initiative which aims to be a space shared between established professionals, those new to the creative industry and those moving to London. The objective of this project is to create a platform of Spanish creatives powered by activities and initiatives that will create buzz of the creative footprint of the spanish community. Círculo Creativo also aims to serve as a bridge between this city of opportunities/London and Spain.

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  3. Ana Montiel
  4. ginjol
  5. Rick Young
  6. Adolf Rodriguez
  7. Bots & Barrals
  8. nico casal
  9. maite jauregui
  10. Javin Lau
  11. POP KLIK
  12. Borja Mucientes
  13. Vermibus
  14. Danny Cooke
  15. Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf
  16. Vanejulian
  18. adriana paramo

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