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CCUMC, Consortium of College and University Media Centers, is a dynamic organization whose 700 members are the providers of media and technology support for quality teaching and learning at higher education institutions as well as companies providing related products.

The mission of CCUMC is to provide leadership and a forum for information exchange to the providers of media content, academic technology, and support for quality teaching and learning at institutions of higher education. Specifically, CCUMC shall:

a. Advocate the accessibility and effectiveness of educational media, technology, and pedagogy.

b. Provide leadership for the effective implementation and management of instructional technology in higher education.

c. Foster cooperative efforts among colleges and universities and other institutions, agencies, foundations, and organizations in the solution of mutual problems.

d. Gather and disseminate information about educational, professional, and operational issues, including statistics important to the profession.

e. Develop and provide programs and services that will enable members to most effectively support the missions of their institutions.

f. Provide professional development opportunities for members.

g. Inspire, generate, and coordinate research and scholarship that advances the mission of CCUMC.

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