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Wilmington, Delaware

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I was born and raised in Wilmington Delaware and at the age of 16 I fell in love with animation and quickly made a grasp to learn what it takes to be one. Through the years, I've acknowledge there's too specific things that makes a good animator. First, the dedication. Secondly, absolute love for this practice within the very definition of this world. Without love and dedication, how could one expect to be able to have patience.

Apart from that, I like to watch Anime although I've made sure my creations aren't solely derived from that particular style. I also watch cartoons like Ben 10 and Generator Rex on Cartoon network as well as Adventure time, Regular Show, and Wonder World of Gumball. In the near future I hope to work for people like Nickelodeon, especially with the people who created "avatar The Last Air bender" and "Legend of Korra" as well as Cartoon Network, Disney, and possibly Pixar.

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