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The Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC) unites a large range of research and development activities dedicated to the digital shift. It engages in knowledge creation and transfer, experimental and interventionist media practices, and research in disciplines such as media, social and cultural studies. The CDC aims to both understand the epochal digital shift through excellent research, and to shape digital cultures to come. It is a conducive, productive and experimental research environment, in which researchers and entrepreneurs, activists and artists, producers and hackers, thinkers and doers broker dynamic connections. Visions, blueprints and experimental findings get exposed to real-world conditions. Important institutions, practitioners and companies have entered into collaborative relationships with the CDC, including software companies, festivals, think tanks and academic institutions all over the world. The researchers and cultural producers from CDC and their partners from industry, academic research, the cultural sector and civil society not only talk and think together, but also cooperate, develop and implement new concepts, formats, applications, platforms and interventions. The result is a new, open and engaged form of research and development.

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