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Cliff Davis Editorial offers creatively inspired video production and postproduction in a client-friendly environment. Specializing in TV commercials, corporate videos, full-length broadcast documentaries, viral web videos, and live corporate event content, Cliff uses 25 years of experience producing work that is original, engaging, and connects with his audience. Creativity, quality, and value are the principles at the heart of every project he takes on.
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Cliff's employment experience has taken him across the globe. Prior to moving to the United States, Cliff trained and worked ten years
at the BBC in England, where he was responsible for editing nationally broadcast TV shows, such as: weekly magazine style series, full
length documentaries, special features, music specials and comedy series. Shortly after becoming the youngest editor in the history
of the BBC, Cliff was honored for his contributions to the British network TV series "The Clothes Show", as part of the small editing
team that was awarded the national BAFTA for "Best Videotape Editor" from the British Academy of Film & Television Arts.

In 1994 Cliff relocated from England to the United States, taking a new position as Senior Editor at VT2 Studios, the company formally
known as VT/TV Graphics & Post. His responsibility was to head editing operations and creative for this small, yet highly respected
editing and graphic design boutique. His client list quickly grew and included advertising agencies, independent program producers,
and major corporations. In 2001, he was promoted and took on a management role as General Manager. But even with his leadership
and management responsibilities, Cliff insisted on keeping in touch with his creative roots and enjoyed editing for his top clients. His
editing work continued to win awards and has been recognized with several regional ADDYs, National Tellies and an Emmy.

In early 2009 Cliff resigned his position at VT2 to pursue his creative interests and open his own post production company
"Cliff Davis Editorial". In early 2010 he moved his operations to its current location in the upscale Houston Galleria area. This new space
allows Cliff Davis Editorial to offer his clients a host of creative production and postproduction services in a professional, creative
and fun enviroment.

Cliff attributes his 25 years of professional success to a philosophy of integrity, respect, personal responsibility and very high standards
of creative and technical execution. He is indeed a rare breed, very passionate about his craft,and brings many creative ideas to his clients'
projects. Cliff is also very organized and works well under extreme pressure. If you have a tight deadline or perhaps are working towards
a live broadcast or show, you will find Cliff's experience, speed, technical knowledge and calm demeaner to be a welcome relief. You will
be in good hands.

No matter the size or type of project, Cliff listens first to his client, then only once his client's goals are fully understood, does he
focus on the creative process - ensuring a strong, clear message with maximum creative impact. Whether working alone, beside
a client or collaborating with a team of designers, creativity is always paramount.

Cliff uses both Avid and Final Cut Pro edit systems, Apple Color and numerous plug-ins for color grading and effects. He also speaks
and understands Spanish, and although not totaly fluent, he has dedicated years to studying the language, including an immersion
program at the Kukulcan language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Cliff has no problem and in fact, get an enourmous satisfaction editing
Spanish language programs.

Call or email to find out how Cliff’s collaborative approach may benefit your next film or video project.

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