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Christian Portaro Born in Milan on 14/07/1979 Commercial art at the Centre of Milan Riccardo Bauer diploma with a score of 70/100. " The design and graphic arts one of the expressions more present in his way of communicating. The creation of such "places" stikers creating messages, slogans and claims as "Wish Emotion Sound and Colours" that distinguishes and identifies it. Operator takes the course as cinema and television at the Omni Job TV Film Institute Certificate awarded with a score of 28/30 "in Milan on 20/07/2001. During the study period has made mix tape dj re-mastering audio for collectors at the NAM Study in Milan with the direction and supervision of production in post production Dr. A. Dubaz sound engineers of international repute experience that will enrich a lot of his technical background. Founder of the owner of the Milan study COM equipment allow productivity ', produces audio for commercials on the Studio site. In the same period, decides to participate in the selection of Academy of Performing Arts and Crafts Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Passed selection between a number of 600 participants in the selections. He joined the class of twenty students decided to give participants to enter the academy for the imminent signing of a major contract with the Franklin Covey Co. American production house which gives him the direction dubbing and post production of a variety of training videos. Hofer at the theater complex in Madonna di Campiglio Hotel Des Alpes Club Audio runs for five performances directed two "dinner of fools" and three 'Cyrano' "one with a French company. Currently carries out activities' graphics and sound post production facility at C.A.M. Cine Television Production Centre of the Municipality of Milan. The post production has a crucial role in the success of a product.

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