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Hello my name is Bev Wilkinson and I am the founder of Celebrate Living History.

The Celebrate Living History dream started as an exhibition showcasing the stories of Frankston residents, which became an idea to develop a legacy building internship program.

Personally I learnt so much by interviewing seniors, its funny if you asked me 12 months ago if I had best friends over the age of 60, you would have been met with a blank face!

I remember interviewing Sylvia Meehl and she was talking about Mr Frank Wells an Frankston icon and I stopped her and said “That’s great but I want to hear about you,” she stopped shocked I was interested in her life.

I believe everyone has a great yarn to tell and I want to share this experience with students.

I want students to go through exactly what I have been through and realise it doesn’t matter how old you are its who you are on the inside.

My Big vision is to preserve these stories for future generations through online content, publications and exhibitions.

I have a big dream, but I believe with support we can pave the way to a vibrant future.

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