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I am an aspiring author. I have recently self published some books and these are my books trailers. I love writing and so far I have written books on domestic violence poetry. I hope you enjoy my book trailers and if you like them, buy my books.

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  • Overcome Domestic Violence - Overcome Domestic Violence was created to provide information and resources for victims of domestic violence.Ebooks are also sold on my website.
  • Poems For The Spirit - Poems For The Spirit was created to showcase Christian inspirational poems. Poetry ebooks are also sold on the website.
  • Black Women Poetry - Black Women Poetry was created to showcase poetry that uplifts Black Women.
  • You Tube Videos - These are videos of all my book trailers. I hope you enjoy them.
  • Facebook - Like Overcome Domestic Violence on Facebook and express your feelings about domestic abuse.
  • Overcome Books - Overcome Books has a collection of books on dating, relationships and poetry


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