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Arthur Retiz, the in-house producer for CEmuzik, left Texas for NYC in 2002 to pursue a career in music, and never looked back. Incorporating New York and Southern sounds into his production, his beats are a powerhouse of fast tempos, heavy synths, hard drums, and progressive melodies. Although primarily focusing on the hip hop genre, he also has written rock, jazz, r&b, and house music.

Since joining CEmuzik, AR has worked with numerous artists and has built an impressive resume of albums, EP’s, scores, and sound designs.



CEmuzik, LLP was founded in 2006 in Brooklyn, New York, and has since then, opened up subsidiary offices in Dallas,Texas and Los Angeles, California. Primarily focused on urban genres, CEmuzik has strived to release quality music independently and competitively.

CEmuzik surrounds itself with a team of top-notch affiliates, including photographers, video directors and editors, engineers, producers, and designers, and has seen its’ stock rise since its acquisition of the rap artist Koz and of the artist and producer Isz.

With every new album and release, CEmuzik better positions itself in the changing climate of the record industry, by meeting the demands of the music buyer, listener, and downloader with new and innovative tools.

In this new digital age of recording, CEmuzik continues to push the boundaries of popular and urban music, and is recognized by critics and fans alike as a successful independent label.

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