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Cleveland, TN

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I'm not sure if film making is something I want to do for the rest of my life, but it is something that I really enjoy doing.

I was born in Natick, Mass, and my family moved to Kissimmee, FL when I was 3. When I got to high school, my group of friends would make silly videos, and I at times would participate. When I went to college at Lee University in Cleveland, TN, I changed my major to Telecommunications and took film classes and it opened my eyes to classic cinema from the silent era to musicals in the 40's-50's, and it made me appreciate where films are currently.

I want to make people laugh with my films, but not by using foul language or suggestive themes. I like a more physical style, and situational comedy. I know that comedy isn't really widely respected as an art form, but I feel if you do it the right way, you can really appreciate the art.

My first major film I entered into my college's film festival, Lee University Film Festival, and I won "Best Screenplay", my lead actor won "Best Actor" and I won "Best Film". I wasn't expecting to win, comedies don't win, and the competition was stiff. Any one of us could have won.

I don't own my own camera, I use my friend's, and sometimes my school's equipment. The film that won the film festival was shot on a Sony Handycam HD, but I feel like I excel in editing, and was able to hide the lack of equipment.

I hope you enjoy my films, I enjoyed making them, and hope that they bring a smile to your face.


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