Carlos Guilherme Rodrigues

Sesimbra - Portugal

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I started my career in 1992 in the production of film and video.

Later I came to work on special effects creation by the year 1999, the year in which I entered at the New York Film Academy for training in Direction Kraft.

Back in Portugal I’ve worked for all open signal channels and a large number of national producers.

I’ve concluded my graduation in 2008 in Development of Multimedia Products at the School of Technology Abrantes and accompanying studies with practical work for various producers.

I’ve been awarded with several prizes for documentaries in 2011 and I did a Postgraduate Diploma in Audio and Video Production FCSH at the New University of Lisbon, which gives me access to a college merit scholarship for the Master of Science in Communication with specialization in Cinema and Television.

In addition to specializing in corporate films I acquired extensive experience in directing multi chamber shows between events and reality shows and managing international crews.


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