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Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana

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CHANNEL ZERO - Arts and Cultural Association is active in a field of independent culture since 1993. Channel Zero club is situated in the squated Metelkova (ex army barracks) now called AKC METELKOVA CITY in the centre of Ljubljana . From september 1993 until April 1995 the club was run by Strip Core members. The whole interiors were rearranged by Strip Core, and in that period over 40 cultural events took place there. Since the decisionmakers didn't support the idea of Metelkova becoming a cultural center (untill last year…hmhm..), the reallity (no water, no electricity) didn't really meet the basic conditions. However, still few enthusiasts left here (among the other clubs, too) who decided to continue to develop young, alternative and non-established culture on its best way.

Channel zero organises approximatelly 100 events per year, mostly concerts and DJ nights as well as various multimedia projects including videoprojections, installations, sometimes theatre as well poetry. Besides events club supports also 4 bands with a rehearsal place.

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