Patchouli Island, Louisiana

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I am a community organizer. And kind-hearted pimp. And, a vampire.

My main home on the internet is--: CHAFEY.NET

And My One and Only current channel on here, IS--:

And here is where you can find My current virtual Album on Vimeo--:

I am, also, a singer-songwriter who writes on piano//keys//synth and while I mainly do totally original songs, I, will, also, sometimes, do covers of other artists and//or partial covers where I alter and//or change and//or completely add entirely new music and//or arrangements and//or vocal melody alterations, etc.

And, of those rare covers and//or partial covers, I have done and//or may do in the future--:

To reiterate, just a bit, here--: They'll never sound like a mere parroting of what the
original artists//writers have already done. Whether it is a cover or a partial cover,
be sure it will be, (at the very least), always, just a wee bit different
than the original version that I am covering and//or
partially covering.

And all of the rest of My Songs (the majority of them, in fact) will be songs written solely by--:

Yours (Bloody!!) Truly--:
Chafey Narquois Barbeau

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