A Counter-Narrative on Black Male Students

A Counter-Narrative on Black Male Students: At Central High School's Black History Month Celebration, the Central and Centennial High School African-American Clubs released a joint video countering the negative images of young African-American males in the media. The students affirmed the following in a video highlighting the successes of young black males within the District:
• We are not gangsters and thugs.
• We are employees and volunteers.
• We are scholars.
• We are athletes.
"The negative stories told daily in the media and in our culture about our young African-American men tend to ignore their successes and don't tell the full story about how young Black men are becoming leaders within our community schools," said Central School Social Worker and African-American Club Sponsors Tiffany Gholson and Barbara Cook, who worked with the students on this effort. "In this video, our students reclaim the narrative of who they are and inspire other students to follow in their footsteps." In our assembly, we addressed the State of the Youth and highlighted what Black students have overcome from a historical perspective. The assembly also highlighted how overcoming those obstacles has helped make America stronger and urged students of all backgrounds to carry the torch for future generations.
*Ambler Video/Sam Ambler
*Champaign Central High School & Centennial High School African-American Clubs
*Inspired by the men of Alpha Phi Alpha--Tau Chapter
*Music "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake

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Laurie Bonnett

What a fabulous job done by all! Quality production, quality cast and such a powerful message! Keep it up men!


thanks you guys for helping to break the sterotype that blacks aren't good at sports

Vernessa Gipson MSW.NOLA

Ladies!!! This is awesome and desperately needed!
Thanks for spreading the truth about our BLACK young men.
I hope Champaign realizes the wealth of your dedication.

Bronson Rockwell

Congrats to the young men and women involved in this program of positive images, participation and goal-oriented missions as it pertains to people of color in terms of their being productive members of society. There is an important need to promulgate and record the many significant and courageous deeds of Black youth to offset the negative stereotypical images presented by the press and major news organization who currently show a pattern of televising the worst rather than the best elements occurring in society. This program will encourage other youth to do their very best in overcoming obstacles in life and influence a desired behavior that will lead to an end result of responsible leadership, goal-oriented activities and create productive members of society. From a historical perspective, their is a need to reveal the lies and deceit as told by despots during times of past and present covert and overt tyranny, and the erroneous depiction of people of color as being lazy, It will also have a counter effect on the misconceptions and negative images of young African-American males in the media.

Olga Halpern


Sally K. Carter

This is absolutely amazing!!! Great job to everyone involved. Tiffany and Barb you two are simply irreplaceable!

Bryan J. White

Great Job fellas. As an alum of Champaign Central and Morehouse grad, this makes me extremely proud. Locate me on Facebook if any of you need advice or help with anything going into college. Keep aiming high

Lori Choquette

Thank you for showing something so very positive about the young African American men who live in our community. I wish them all the best of luck in their futures!

Ms. Ford

You rock! I love this! It was an honor to teach art to some of you at Barkstall Elementary and wonderful to see you all grown up and doing such good works. You are the living example of Gandhi's words: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Great project and Sam you are a fine videographer. Nice work!

Nichole Jackson

Excellent......Love it!

Phelicia Johnson-Simmons

Great job! I love it.

Heather Fox

The class shown by everyone involved in this film is exemplary. Kudos to all of you, I'm proud to see such a great message shared but the next great generation in our community.


Powerful narrative. Kudos to these young men and the counselors that assisted w/ producing this video. I plan to sharing it widely.

Carolyn Morris

Nice to see young men embracing their true identities. Best wishes as you take on the world gentlemen!

C. Evans

I am impressed with the images I see because I am familiar with them. It's good to project these images to those who may be unfamiliar! Great work!

MrAarion Benton

Thank you Jesus for positive people promoting positive male roll models.

MrAarion Benton

Thank you Jesus for positive people promoting positive male roll models.

MrAarion Benton

Role models are hard to find but thank you Jesus for these role models!


Way to represent gentlemen, nice job Mr. B. Thomas

Bobby Evans

Video presentation was nicely well done. We need more positive images of our young African American males on tv, radio, internet, etc. Shout out to my Alpha bruhs of Tau Chapter for reaching out to these students. Wishing these young men much success. 06!

DeMarko Wright

Well done gentlemen! Continue to be the light...

Thank you, Tiffany Gholson and Barbara Cook for your support of these students. Also, shout out to my Alpha bruhs in Champaign. 06!

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