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I first got the taste for film and television while on a trip to Nepal and India. After shooting footage of the experience I sat (and slept) in an edit bay for weeks teaching myself to cut using a 3/4 inch deck & a Video Toaster haha.

That fun project turned into a life passion and a B.A. in TV/Film from Vanguard University. I have worked with a wide range of non profit & humanitarian organizations editing and doing motion graphics. I am always striving to work on my career and production knowledge.

I love how this industry is constantly evolving and presenting new challenges and technology! Motion Graphics, short form editing & vfx are all areas of production I am constantly studying up on and improving my skills. After over 12 years of Broadcast & Corporate post production work I still find its so fun to always learn new stuff and be wiser :)

I may lose my car keys but will never lose my passion for post-production, good design & editing. I strive to be my best always. I eat, sleep and dream in RGB, and find that a good render makes for a happy day.



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