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  1. Space Scoop: Not Your Average Superhero


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    A black hole is formed when a massive star is squashed into an incredibly tiny volume.

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    • A Tour of GK Persei


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      In space, explosions of actual stars are a focus for scientists who hope to better understand the lifecycle of their births, lives, and deaths.

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      • Space Scoop: Weather Forecast Predicts Rain Around Black Holes


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        On Earth, precipitation happens when water is heated by the Sun and forms steam. Sometimes, something similar happens in galaxies.

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        • A Tour of Abell 2597


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          Researchers used Chandra to look at some of the largest known galaxies lying in the middle of galaxy clusters.

        • A Tour of NGC 2276


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          Astronomers found that this intermediate-mass black hole is producing a jet that appears to be squelching the formation of stars around it.

        • Space Scoop: Megaflares Shed Light On Our Black Hole


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          Supermassive black holes are famous for their ability to swallow anything - even light.

        • Space Scoop: The Most Attractive Stars in the Universe


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          Astronomers think magnetars may be created when some massive stars die in a supernova explosion.

        • A Tour of G299.2-2.9


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          This new Chandra image of G299 shows a beautiful and intricate structure in the expanding remains of the shattered star.

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          • A Tour of IYL 2015


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            To recognize the start of IYL, the Chandra X-ray Center is releasing a collection of images that combine data from telescopes tuned to different wavelengths of light.

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            • A Tour of il Gioiello Cluster


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              This galaxy cluster is officially known as XDCP J0044.0-2033. Perhaps not surprisingly, astronomers decided to give a nickname to this mouthful of a cluster name.

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              • Introduction to OpenFITS


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                We would like to step through our new tutorial on creating a multiwavelength composite image of M101 using GIMP.

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                • Tour of Sagittarius A*


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                  Over the years, astronomers have learned many things about Sagittarius A* and it continues to surprise and intrigue scientists to this day.

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