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Channel 1 was established in 2005 as a showroom & gallery featuring, skateboards, apparel, artwork, and accessories. We also manufacture products for businesses and independent artists. Our showroom is a place that bridges the gap between the parallel worlds of the typical skateboarder and graffiti artist. Our gallery exhibits primarily focus on illustration, comic books, graffiti art and pop imagery. We have featured works by a variety of celebrated, controversial, and underground artists. Our collective of resident artists & athletes includes Silas Finch, Sket One, Demo, Ryan Cyr, Katro Storm, Sam Gibbons, Ant Vignola, Collin Smith, Frank Way, Kaeron Corbett, and Drew Melzer.

Channel 1 also fosters community development through involvement in youth based projects. Our mural projects, visual art exhibitions, block parties, open-mics, film screenings, and hip hop and spoken word performances offer all generations an outlet for their creativity.

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