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  1. Simon lebt alleine mit seiner Großmutter in der Einsamkeit der ländlichen Ostseeküste. Obwohl er den Tod des Vaters begreifen möchte, antwortet seine Großmutter lediglich mit Schweigen.

    Simon lives alone with his grandmother in the nordic solitude of the Baltic Sea region. Though he wishes to understand his fathers death, all his grandmother offers him is silence.

    Written & Directed by: Katharina Knust
    Cinematography by: Johannes Wiedermann
    Edited by: Carolin Bock, Katharina Knust
    Production Design by: Daniela Gast, Kerstin Narr
    Sound by: Andreas Fitza, Deniss Kacs
    Produced by: Katharina Knust, Bauhaus University Weimar
    Starring: Gabriele Dossi, Piet Voßler
    Country and Year of Production: Germany, 2008, finished in 2009

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  2. Producido por SCUMBAGS filmmaking Group
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    Dirección y Edición: CHRISTIAN CAVAZOS
    Dirección de Cámara: CESAR CORDOVA / GABRIEL FELIX
    Productor Ejecutivo: CARLOS VIZCARRA
    Asistente de producción: HUMBERTO OROZCO
    En Epecial a PRESSPLAY por todo el apoyo técnico.

    SCUMBAGS / Filmmaking Group / Mexicali B.C. México

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  3. Produced/directed/edited by Ale Corsini

    in Germany and Italy for LIMPE, Italian no-profit association for the awareness on Parkinson's disease.

    Genre: Short fiction film
    Duration: 8 min e 49 sec
    Production year and place: 2010, Italy/Germany

    Produced by: Ale (AIessandro) Corsini for LIMPE
    Written by: WIGAND LANGE (
    Concept/Adaptation/Direction/Photography/Editing by: Ale Corsini
    Executive producer/assistant director: MANUEL DREXL
    Music consultant: DARIO MARIANELLI (
    Narrator's voice: PAUL MORIARTY (
    Music: Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13, performed by Alessandro Cesaro, courtesy of Azzurra Music


    "Un Piccolo prestigiatore" is the short film starring and written by Wigand Lange, German book author who copes with Parkinson's disease since the age of 50. Revisiting in form of a tale the difficult process of coming to terms with, and eventually accepting, the disease as a part of oneself, the short film tells about a pianist’s bizarre encounter with a malicious elf.

    The short fiction film “Un Piccolo Prestigiatore” has been conceived by Ale Corsini for the communication campaign, supported by LIMPE, of the “Seconda Giornata Nazionale della Malattia di Parkinson” (Italian National Information day on Parkinson's disease), to raise awareness on Parkinson’s disease through a short cinematic story.

    Its basic idea was to get away from a strictly scientific perspective that would have put symptoms and the disease itself on the foreground, to instead try and emphasize the subjective experience of coping with the disease and coming to terms with it. The project has focused since the initial research phase and for the writing of the story concept on real life stories of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, published on the internet and on books. Consistently, it has involved Wigand Lange (actor, dramaturge and author of several autobiographical books on Parkinson’s disease) to write its subject (and play the protagonist’s role). His works are in fact characterized by an extraordinary capability to describe, with exquisite sense of humor, the palette of emotions that make up the experience of coping daily with the disease. Furthermore, his peculiar narrative style, fragmented and "hypertextual", well suited the director's vision.

    This short film is a journey through the different emotions that make up and accompany the personal process of coming to terms with, and eventually accepting, the disease as a part of oneself. As highlighted by real-life stories, in fact, this appears to be the turning point, the change of attitude necessary to leave behind an exhausting and uneven fight to keep living the same lifestyle as before and, instead, move onto discovering one self and a renewed love for life, again.

    Due to the low-budget nature of the project, the film has been shot completely on DSLR (photocameras that shoot video). Due to the health conditions of its author and protagonist Wigand Lange, the film has required several trips to Bayern (Germany), where he lives, for the subject development and for the shooting. The scenes with the young pianist have instead been shot in Italy, where the other main actor Marco Grigoletto lives and works, directing music- and theater-therapy groups for Alzheimer and Parkinson patients.

    What you will see is the result of several months of work (may to november 2010) of the small, international (mainly Italian and German) and young group of people who contributed to the project. A project supported by LIMPE that nevertheless could have never taken its current form had it not encountered the support of many people (among which also famous names of the film sector like Dario Marianelli and Paul Moriarty) and private institutions.

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  4. Named one of the top five shorts at the Tribeca Film Festival by New York Magazine. "Love Does Grow on Trees" is a coming of age comedy about a teenage boy whose life is thrown into chaos when he discovers adult magazines, girls and the embarrassment that goes with both.

    Written & Directed by BEVAN WALSH
    Produced by GERALDINE PATTEN

    Accolades include:

    Acclaimed by Danny Boyle at the British Independent Film Awards
    WINNER 'Best Newcomer' - Rushes Soho Shorts Festival
    WINNER 'Best Film & Best Comedy' – Super Shorts International Film Festival
    WINNER 'Audience Award' – Film Brothers Festival of Shorts
    WINNER 'Best Short' – LLV Film Festival
    WINNER 'Best Comedy' - Southern Appalachian International Film Festival
    WINNER 'Best Supporting Actress' for El Krajewski – Maverick Movie Awards

    NOMINATED 'Best British Short' - British Independent Film Awards
    FINALIST - Kodak Short Film Competition
    NOMINATED 'East Fresian Award' – Emden International Film Festival
    RUNNER UP 'Audience Award' – Williamstown Film Festival
    HONORABLE MENTION 'Best Narrative' – West Virginia Short Film Festival

    See cast, crew & festival screening details at IMDB:

    Join the facebook fan page here:

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  5. A young man washing his car offers an attractive woman a ride wherever she wants to go. The two set off on a journey with no plans and no direction, but as their relationship grows can they continue living their life of the rock-and-roll aesthetic or will they have to compromise and settle down?


    Short Fiction Film - France
    Cast : Aurélien Wiik & Sarah Grappin
    Director : Vincent Vesco
    Writer : Vincent Vesco & Vlad Sprinceana
    Producer : Vlad Sprinceana
    Cinematographer : Antoine Monod
    Editors : Svetlana Vaynblat & Raphaëlle Urtin
    Costumer : Sabrina Riccardi

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fashion | FILM | fiction


A personal selection of international short films bringing together fashion and fiction. Curated by the Berlin filmmaker AIe Corsini.

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