1. Meet Milo.
    Like many of us, Milo feels alone in his struggles.
    He wants to open up, but he’s afraid he’ll be judged.
    He wants support, but he doesn’t know where to find it.
    Milo puts on a brave face...
    But inside, he feels lost.

    At times, Milo thinks he’s the only one that feels this way.
    But he’s not.
    Many others understand what he’s going through…
    Because they’re going through the same.
    They have stories to share and support to give.
    It can be a lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be.

    Pacifica helps Milo connect with others who share similar experiences.
    Together, they’re able to give each other courage and support.
    Milo learns that everyone has their own battles to fight.
    Though he has real challenges, he’s not alone in them.
    He learns that by sharing his story, he’s helping others.
    He feels good about that.

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  2. Meet Milo.
    Like many of us, Milo’s feelings sometimes get the better of him.
    He gets anxious and doubts himself.
    He gets frustrated and snaps.
    He worries about the future and his place in it.
    In these moments, he’s convinced these feelings will last forever...though they never do.

    Most days, Milo also has times where he feels happy, creative or energetic…
    But when bad emotions hit, he often forgets about these positive moments.
    In these times, Milo can’t see clearly, though he’s been here many times before.
    Milo means well.
    Life just happens, and he reacts.
    But by jumping from feeling to feeling, Milo can’t see the patterns at play.

    Pacifica helps Milo track his mood throughout the day, so the good moments have a voice too.
    Over time, he learns that no matter his current feelings, they will pass.
    If he feels anxiety, that’s okay.
    If he feels anger, that’s okay too.
    Milo just takes it one moment at at time.
    He feels good about that.

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  3. Meet Milo.
    Like most of us, Milo feels the pressures of modern life.
    Information to process. Opinions to form. Deadlines to meet.
    There’s a lot to get done and never enough time.
    Milo is stressed and just trying to keep up.
    He tells himself he should relax, but he struggles to find the time.

    Milo’s days are filled end-to-end.
    Crossing things off lists. Working. Doing. Thinking. Planning.
    But until he takes a moment to pause, he doesn’t realize how stressed he really is.
    This takes a toll.
    On his body. On his mind.
    Milo is capable, but he’s not invincible.

    Pacifica helps Milo relax throughout the day, so he feels better.
    Over time, he’s better able to manage the rollercoaster ride of day-to-day life.
    If he’s worried, he learns to focus on the present.
    If he’s overwhelmed, he just breathes.
    In a few minutes a day, Milo is able to de-stress and calm his body.
    He feels good about that.

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  4. Meet Milo.
    Like many of us, Milo is his own worst critic.
    He doesn’t think he’s good enough. Or smart enough. Or cool enough.
    He wants to put himself out there, but he’s sure he’ll look foolish.
    His mind is filled with self-doubt and worry.
    These negative thoughts form his reality.

    Yet Milo’s inner-monologue isn’t always accurate or realistic.
    He predicts catastrophe as if it’s certain.
    He jumps to conclusions without any evidence.
    He dwells on the negative and ignores the positive.
    Milo has many thoughts throughout the day…
    But that doesn’t make them true.

    Pacifica helps Milo think in a more balanced way.
    He learns to challenge negative thoughts before they get out of hand.
    He learns to show himself the same kindness he’d show a friend.
    The truth is Milo is capable of far more than he thinks he is.
    He just needed to change his perspective.
    He feels good about that.

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  5. Meet Milo.
    At times, Milo’s life gets out of balance.
    He stays up late working on a deadline.
    He guzzles coffee to function the next day.
    He skips the gym and rewards himself with pizza and TV.
    Yet mentally he feels exhausted.

    Milo doesn’t realize that his health habits affect his mood.
    When he doesn’t get the right amount of sleep, he feels irritable.
    When he drinks too much caffeine, he feels more on edge.
    And when he skips the gym, he feels less relaxed and focused.
    These are valuable lessons, but Milo doesn’t connect the dots.

    Pacifica helps Milo keep tabs on his health each day.
    Over time, he sees how his habits affect his mood.
    He learns he gets more done after a good night’s sleep.
    He learns that regular exercise helps calm his nerves.
    By taking care of his body, Milo’s taking care of his mind.
    He feels good about that.

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Meet Milo

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