1. PSR Episode 838

    My guest today is Ted Shimer, author of The Freedom Fight, a research-based discipleship curriculum that equips men and women to break free from pornography so they can run their race and reach their God-given potential in Christ.

    In this episode, Tim shares his 30+ year history of discipling college students and how he got involved in specifically helping young adults address struggles with porn and how to break free. He also shares 6 main roots to porn addiction, some key principles that lead to long-term freedom from porn, and why addressing porn is a huge opportunity for the church to help Christians know what it means to live out their true identity in Christ. Ted’s heart is not just that men and women get free from porn, but that they outgrow the perceived need for it.

    Learn more about Ted and The Freedom Fight at TheFreedomFight.org.

    More Resources

    --40 Days of Purity for Men (purelifeacademy.org/courses/40-days-of-purity)
    --40 Days of Purity for Women (purelifeacademy.org/courses/40-days-for-women)

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  2. PSR Episode 837

    In today’s episode, counselor Stephen Cervantes shares with us one man’s ups and downs of his journey of recovery – especially the ups and downs of faith. How does faith fit into recovery? What if Christianity doesn’t “cure” your addiction? Is it okay to wrestle with faith questions on a recovery journey?

    We will peel back the layers of these questions and more to help you discover how faith weaves into recovery in a way that is hopeful, meaningful and life-changing. When you persist with curiosity on your recovery journey, breakthroughs happen!

    To help you understand the key principles it takes to break free from addictive patterns, check out the First 7 Days for Men at 7Days.Bebroken.com or the First 7 Days for Women at 7DaysWomen.Bebroken.com.

    More Resources:

    --40 Days of Training for Your Soul (soultrain.bebroken.com/)
    --Resurrection and Recovery (2.bebroken.com/be-broken-blog/resurrection-and-recovery)
    --Is Recovery Worth the Cost? (2.bebroken.com/be-broken-blog/is-recovery-worth-the-cost)
    --Grace-Based Recovery (2.bebroken.com/store/p1/grace-based-recovery.html)

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    Download the audio mp3: mp3.puresexradio.com/shows/psr20220118.mp3.

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  3. PSR Episode 836

    In today’s episode, we talk about beliefs and how they affect the way you live and interact with others. We especially focus on beliefs about emotions. Do these beliefs move you toward or away from deeper connections with others?

    To help you understand the “lens” through which some see the world we will highlight several comments from different men’s lives.

    Listen in to gain insights into yourself about what you believe and the effect this has on how well you connect with family, friends, and neighbors.

    More Resources for Emotional Growth:

    --40 Days to Oneness by Stephen Cervantes (2.bebroken.com/store/p4/40-days-to-oneness.html)
    --Untangling Emotions by Groves and Smith (https://tinyurl.com/2p8nznaa)
    --Training for your Soul devotional (soultrain.bebroken.com/)

    Blog Posts:

    --The Next Step: Growing (2.bebroken.com/be-broken-blog/the-next-step-growing)
    --The Good News About Depression (2.bebroken.com/be-broken-blog/the-good-news-about-depression)

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    --Essential Truths to Heal and Mature Your Broken Emotional System (youtu.be/6DuHhX9Kb5Q)
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    --A 7-Day Challenge for Emotional Growth (youtu.be/2RPElIWslm0)

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  4. PSR Episode 835

    Today my guest is John Fort, the Director of Training at Be Broken and also a family care specialist. John brings a background in education and addiction recovery that gives him a unique perspective on dealing with sensitive issues in today’s modern family. He is also an experienced parent who can understand firsthand the challenges and difficulties of raising kids in a sex-saturated culture.

    In our discussion, we highlight the importance of parents being transparent with their kids about their history of sexual brokenness and leverage these conversations to help their kids navigate their own struggles with sexual topics and questions. This conversation deals with the fears that both parent and child likely have, how emotions connect to sexuality, and some practical applications to help families be more open about the ongoing journey from brokenness to wholeness in Christ.

    For help having these conversations, get John’s book: Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex. (2.bebroken.com/store/p63/honest-talk.html)

    More Resources for Parents:

    Emotional Resilience (online course) - purelifeacademy.org/courses/emotional-resilience

    A Family Game Plan for Responding to Porn (online course) - purelifeacademy.org/courses/PA-resist-porn

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    --A Hopeful Mom Shares How to Have Difficult Conversations (youtu.be/xzc_RGX4uVI)
    --Talking to Your Kids About Sex: What Works and What Doesn't (youtu.be/y8RdEsXg85k)
    --Portrait of a Brave Parent (youtu.be/LHEtnHBKwew)

    Download the audio mp3: mp3.puresexradio.com/shows/psr20211221.mp3.

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  5. PSR Episode 834

    My guest today is Karla Downing, the founder of ChangeMyRelationship.com. She is a speaker, author, counselor, and Bible teacher.

    Karla grew up in a dysfunctional family and then found herself struggling with Christian codependency in her own difficult marriage. Through her personal struggles, she discovered biblical and practical principles, which she now teaches to others. Karla’s passion is to see individuals, marriages, and families set free from the chains of dysfunction, misunderstanding, and emotional pain through a correct understanding of what the Bible teaches about relationships.

    In our conversation, Karla shares the 10 Relationship Changing Principles she uses to help difficult relationships thrive. We spend much of our time focusing on the principle she calls “Detach with Love” to help wives understand how to separate themselves in healthy ways from their betraying husband’s actions and reactions.

    To learn more about Karla and her many resources, visit ChangeMyRelationship.com.

    More Resources for Wives: WivesCare.Bebroken.com

    Blog: Why Self-Care After Sexual Betrayal is Good Stewardship (2.bebroken.com/be-broken-blog/why-self-care-after-sexual-betrayal-is-good-stewardship)

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    --Sexual Betrayal and Spiritual Battle (youtu.be/GDaO1x1xVBc)
    --Online Care Groups for Wives (youtu.be/7AT8ZXdgE04)

    Download the audio mp3: mp3.puresexradio.com/shows/psr20211214.mp3.

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This channel is where we post any videos related to our radio program. This will include our PSR Preview videos as well as any other videos we feel will enhance the radio experience.

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