1. I. Snake-Leopard Form Demonstration -- Slow Pace.
    Entire form done slowly for reference without explanation.

    II. Snake-Leopard Form Demo. -- Performance Pace.
    Entire form done at full energy and tempo.

    III. Salutation. Hand formations of "Snake" and "Leopard." The controlling animal on the left side symbolically. Fighting application of opening salute blinds both eyes and strikes the throat.

    IV. Section One: Entire section explained in step by step detail. Do not over reach on parry. Allow raking backfist to pull you into rotational twist stance. Divided serpent strike, two finger slice, and eagle talon introduced as vital snake strikes. Application: Intercepting their jab with a combination that using rounder corners and continuous flow of action. Full nelson used in section as constrictor aspect of snake.

    V. Section Two: Sequence explained with emphasis on potential targets and visual geometry of action. Back up mass to support two finger strike "Immortal Points the Way." Application: Rear shoulder grab countered with vital strikes to throat, eyes, and groin. Constrictor aspect of snake applies rear triangle choke. Safety warning regarding choke holds. Know yourself and know your opponent to insure victory (Sun Tzu).

    VI. Section Three: Step by step detail from multiple angles identifying the weapons, targets, and exact path of travel of movement. Dominating the centerline with hand and foot. Two finger poke to both eyes. Eagle talon to throat detailed. Constrictor snake portion uses combined hammerlock with rear choke hold. Application: Sweeping zone out or blocking with finger strike that assumes center line if the attack comes high. For low uppercut using the pushdown block in defense while striking the vitals on the centerline. Hammerlock combines with choke hold to cancel the rotation needed to avoid the pressure of the hold.

    First three sections are then summarized with demonstration. Discussion on qualities of agility versus speed. Breaking rhythm. Clock direction pattern order of Snake-Leopard same as Tiger-Crane.

    VII. Section Four: Sequence detailed in step by step fashion from multiple angles. Tight axis of rotational strikes. Two finger tassel whip. Constrictor makes use of armlock. Application: Inward block with leopard energy compared to tiger energy. Use a strike to regather target for another blow. Additional application of arm lock to turn opponent on ground to new position.

    Sections one, two, three and four demonstrated at speed for review.

    VIII. Section Five: Each move of section explained in detail. Do not let your low line check (pushdown block) be too close to body. Wrist lock used by constrictor snake. Double spear hand to glands and horizontal etching of eyes on thumbs to eyes are shown for vital snake strike. Application: Using a back knuckle to block a back knuckle. Punch to the base of the skull is a viper snake strike (not leopard energy). Wrist lock demonstrated with multiple applications. Distraction concept.

    Sections one through five demonstrated at slower tempo for review.

    IX. Section Six: The big finish fireworks show ending of the form. A sophisticated barrage of snake and leopard strikes integrated with off angling footwork. The Trevor "rant" about the importance of basics. Sleeper hold final constrictor action. Closing salute Application: Attacked the floating ribs as the jab attacks. Raking method of execution. The tiger claw raking down the face becoming a pinning check. Unique aspect of martial arts training coordinating the non-dominate side. Further exploration of agility.

    X. Demonstration of Entire Form with Full Energy.

    XI. Bonus Features:
    1. Trip to China -- "Shaolin Five Step Fist."
    2. Trip to China -- Grandmaster Liang Yiquan.
    3. Students of Haines Kenpo performing Snake-Leopard.

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