1. See how a patient’s visit is streamlined by modmed Dermatology in Dr. Obed’s dermatology practice. To learn more, visit modmed.com/dermatology

    Here is a full transcription of the video:

    DR. OBED:
    My name is Jerry Obed, I'm board certified dermatologist practicing in Fort Lauderdale. The practice is Broward Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists. We've been open now for six years. From day one we actually were able to…start with Modernizing Medicine. So it's been really great.

    Hi Jane good morning how are you?

    Good how are you?

    Good, welcome. I’m going to give you this. If you could sign in here for me.

    One of the things that we just started with and are really excited about is the Kiosk.

    Not only does it allow us to basically continue with this green mission of ours as far as saving paper. But it's really an advantage for the patients because they're able to enter their own information in…there's no problems with interpretation or anything else. And they're actually to enter in like their past medical history…their medications and everything while they're sitting in the front.

    I feel like there’s really a lot of reasons that drew me towards…(02:24) EMA.

    There’s no toggling between…the bridges with other programs or software. It’s just really easy to use.

    The ability to communicate with the front desk the ability of the front desk person to have now the pictures of the patients and you know be aware of not just what they're doing and seeing but aware of just the flow…of…the entire patient experience…

    M/A: I understand you have some lesions you want to have checked out today?

    JANE: Yes I have one on my arm

    M/A: Ok…

    DR. OBED:
    What really drew me to modernizing medicine initially was just the presentation of the software. You know it seemed very seamless. There was a lot of good qualities that I could see right out of the gate from just the ease of use on the desktop but also on the tablet and now being in it now for a few years like literally every update there's there's more features there's more things that make not only our life easier but also result in a better note and therefore better quality care for the patient.

    Nice to meet you. So Kelvin told me what’s bringing you here today, I know you have some cosmetic concern, but we’re also doing to do a skin check…

    Regarding the workflow and how EMA helps us…being a specialist in dermatology, it's really nice because it has everything basically that we need from the correct chief complaints to the correct diagnoses and even all the medications that are available.

    And of course the fact that we have the photo capabilities which are really critical not just for identifying previous biopsy sites but also for educational purposes when we do have a interesting case that we've seen.

    Ok great so you should be nice and numb. The place for today is to treat those periorbital muscles, those cause those crows feet. I think it’s going to take about 20 units today, Kelvin that’s going to be three injections on each side…

    I mean literally everything is on there from our cosmetic lasers that when we're treating a tattoo or facial vessels or skin tags or whatnot to the most obscure or random you know disease states everything's in there and it's really easy to find…and of course the end result being a really nice note that's not just good for us but really helpful when we're sending it to a subspecialists.

    So the plan will be to follow up with you in about two weeks. We’ll be able to over to go over the biopsy results with you but also check for any movement and make sure that you are happy with the results of the botox as well. So I’m just going to set you up now. So I can just schedule you here right now.

    JANE: That would be great.

    V/O DR. OBED:
    So the reason I've picked Modernizing Medicine when we started six years ago was basically the ability of the software to truly mold to our practice. You know I felt like it was a really good fit. The company itself seems really progressive and even now being having had it now for a while, I see that they really work hard to to to create a really good product that that changes with the times.

    At the end of the day my notes are essentially done. I will review them to make sure there's no problems or issues with regards to you know medications, kind of to go over to make sure the medicines that were sent in are correct to make sure that the differential diagnoses that we establish are going to be correct, as far as the pathology goes. But basically at the end of the day the note's pretty complete.

    One of the things that I really really love about the company is that it seems that they're always advancing and they're always thinking about what's going to be the next step for helping us helping our patients and just helping overall workflow.

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  2. Get ready for MOMENTUM 2018! Hear from current clients and past attendees to learn more about our annual users conference. To find out more about the annual event and to register, visit modmed.com/momentum.

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  3. Learn how Randall Dermatology has saved time and increased patient engagement by using modmed Kiosk. To learn more, visit modmed.com/patient-engagement/kiosk/.

    Here is a full transcription of the video:
    modmed Kiosk saves probably an average of five minutes per patient. We were in the past handing out a stack of about five or six papers. We have put those all on the Kiosk. We are trying to get all of our patients to enter all their information. And what that is doing, is it's reducing the amount of time that the roomer or the medical assistant is taking in rooming that patient. So we have been able to shorten up that rooming process and the providers are able to get in there a little quicker. I do feel like the patients are more engaged. And with the adoption of modmed Kiosk, that five minutes per patient that we are saving during the rooming process adds up. At the end of the day you can either add more patients to the schedule, you can send your staff home early or you can work on other office work during that time.

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  4. Paula Ubelhor, Insurance and Billing Manager at Randall Dermatology, talks about how easy it is to document a visit in the dermatology EHR, EMA™, which saves them time and has helped increase revenue. To learn more, visit modmed.com/dermatology-ehr/.

    Here is a full transcription of the video:
    When we saw our first demo of EMA, we were just flabbergasted that something could be so easy to document. You can document a visit in literally 30-seconds and you are done. With the extra time, we have added extra patients to the schedule. We have seen a significant increase in our overall revenue. We found when we started with Modernizing Medicine that we were actually under-billing and there were actually things that we weren't billing at all. When we started documenting those same visits in EMA, it was coding things that we had never coded out before. So we were able to capture all that missed revenue. Modernizing Medicine definitely has lived up to their name and their reputation. They offer cutting-edge technology. They have great customer service and their products are top notch.

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  5. Gastroenterologist Dr. DiMarino shares how fast and efficient it is to write a note using gGastro ERW. To learn more visit, modmed.com/blog/gastroenterology-ehr-success-dr-dimarino/.

    Here is a full transcription of the video:
    There's no product out there that allows me to do my job as efficiently as gMed does. Someone came to the office and we were demoing a product for another hospital that I work at. And they said, "Well how long will it take you to write a note?” I said, “Well it will take me 30-seconds after the procedure is over to write a note.” They said, "What! Thirty seconds?" I said, "Yeah that's all it takes because all the information is already there. I don't have to rewrite it. I don't have to redo it." So to compare it to anything else on the market, there are no other endowriters that have that capability.

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