1. Confusion headed up to Berlin for the Shitfootmongoland independent, skater-owned tradeshow and ended up hanging with the Warriors and the Jean Jaques possee from Belgium at the Betonhaus DIY outdoor concrete bowl as well as a few moments at the diy spot and wooden ramp that was built for the skate x party week. This isn't as much a high-lights reel, it's more to capture the overall session. Filmed / Edited by Jonathan Hay / Confusion Magazine. Music by Agression.

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  2. In search of the Miraculous, a film by Pontus Alv. Made between 2005 and 2010. Filmed and edited by Pontus Alv. Concept and art direction by Klez Zawisa. Featuring, in order of appearance:

    Part 1: Pontus Alv, Daniel Håkansson, Martin Nilsson, Danijel Stankovic, Pekka, Javier Mendizibal, Txus Dominguez

    Part 3: Eniz Fazliov, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Jacob Ovgren, Phil Zwijsen, Ferit Batir, Mikael Persson, Colin Kennedy

    Part 4: Alain Goikoetxea, Ben Smicker

    Part 5: Johan Linö-Waad, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Mikael Persson, Johannes Marent, Hjalte Halberg

    Part 6: Günez Özdogan

    Part 7: Javier Mendizibal, Txus Dominguez, Eniz Fazliov, Julian Furones, Jan Kliewer, Ferit Batir, John Dahlquist, David Stenström, Jean-Louis Huhta, Christian Sjöberg

    Part 8: Daniel Håkansson, Per Magnusson, Andreas Lindström

    Part 9: Marcus Nyström, Daniel Håkansson, Patrik Evander, Marcus Olsson, Pontus Alv, Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Magnusson, Dirk Raßloff, Javier Mendizibal, John Magnusson, Al Partanen, Love Eneroth, Stefan Toth, Darren Navarette

    Part 10: Michael Juras

    Part 11: Mattias Nylén, Skreech, Dennis Busenitz, Chris Senn, John Magnusson, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, Salba, Daniel Cardone, Jimmy the Greek, Ben Schroeder

    Part 12: Scott Bourne, Julian Furones, Mattias Nylén, John Magnusson

    Part 13: Fred Demard, Pontus Alv, Julian Furones, Guillaume Mocquin, Julian Viallet, Chris Merkt, Oli Buergin

    Part 14: Love Eneroth, Johan Florell, Ricky Sandström, Mika Edin

    Part 15: Daniel Håkansson, John Dahlquist, Mattias Nylén, Nils Svensson, Dennis Busenitz, Jimmy the Greek, Stefan Toth, Martin Nilsson, Marcus Olsson, Pontus Alv, Kos Mizkieviesz, Jean-Louis Huhta, Hans Claessens, Johan Linö-Waad, Kalle Helgesson, Martin Ottosson

    Part 16: John Magnusson, Javier Mendizibal, John Dahlquist, Alexander Åkerlund, Andreas Lindström, Johan Linö-Waad, Stefan Toth, Kalle Pool B

    Part 17: Danijel Stankovic, Koffe Hallgren, Hjalte Halberg, Pontus Alv

    Part 18: Pontus Alv, Johan Linö-Waad, John Dahlquist, Love Eneroth, Stefan Toth, Eniz Fazliov, Tobias Henriksson, Johan Sunden, Danijel Stankovic, Per Magnusson, Mikael Persson, Marcus Olsson, Nils Svensson, Daniel Håkansson, Jonas Lindahl, Günes Özdogan, Hans Claessens, Martin Nilsson, Fernando Bramsmark, Oskar Ristenfeldt, Michal Juras, Kalle Pool B, Martin Ottosson

    Part 19: Pontus Alv

    Part 20: Johan Linö-Waad, Per-Kristian Hansson, Tobias Henriksson

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  3. Buildersjam 2014

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  4. You´re invited to the fifth and filthiest 2ER ON FIRE back again at the DIY universe of Hanover.

    23.08.2014: 2er Skateboarding e.V, Fössestraße 105, 30449 Hannover.
    Hang out with us and visit the fabulous Platzprojekt.

    Stay in high spirits.
    Love the music.
    Skateboarding all Day and Night

    - You can watch the trailer in german or with spanish and english subtitels. For our friends in india and bolivia - and all over the globe. Check out the german Karaoke version! -


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  5. So the short version....

    Mr. September Wheels Nicholas Büchi, Moritz Greber, Ivo Weibel,
    Reto Bösch, Boris Dietschi, Luca Andermatt, Men-Andrin Meier, Mirco Bitterli, Marco
    Hofer, Etienne Messikommer and Christian Vogelbauer drove up to Belgium, skated hard and
    drove back.

    Since I’ve got a little more space I’ll try to put my beer soaked memories in order.

    Day one: After picking up the rest of the gang in Basel and shooting the first photos, we drove
    up to Schifflange in Luxembourg where we had a nice BBQ, an even nicer session and the
    author here broke his arm. As almost every night from now on we slept in our sleeping bags
    under the stars. Quite romantic huh?

    Day two started with the old and fun Snakerun in Liège. After the Liège warm-up we had a
    great session at the rough but perfect pool in Flémalle, which we topped off with dinner at a
    restaurant and a couple of beers.

    Day three: Etienne and Vogel joined the tour and we had a blast skating and barbecuing with
    the locals. A big big thank you to Sam who let us sleep on his houseboat, use his toilet and
    some of the boys do some fishing from the deck.

    Day four: The beach of Ostende was almost as nice as its Skatepark which is also the hangout
    spot for the Belgian techno kids. While we were sleeping right next to the park, some city
    workers came to clean up early in the morning, they threw away all our trash but didn’t even
    think about waking us up. The waking up was done by a couple of kids who came to skate at
    8 AM!

    Day five: Besides a museum like center and expensive coffee, Bruges also offers a weird
    skatepark, which we skated in the hot midday sun. Two of the cars went back to the beach,
    while some of us already went to skate the small but oh so fine skatepark at Aalst.

    Day six: After the rain woke us up in the middle of the night, the police woke us up in the
    morning. So we went back to Aalst’s skatepark for a while, before continuing to Gent where
    we knocked on Gandalf’s door, who was kind enough to let these stinking Hobos crash at his
    house. Thanks! In Gent there was a huge party in the whole city, which led to some guys
    having trouble finding their way home.

    Day seven: Almost everyone drove to Antwerpen, where Reto, who, up to this point had
    sticked a BS Tailslide in every bowl we’ve crossed ways with, fell about 4 meters onto his
    head trying, well, a BS Tailslide. We rushed to the hospital, but apparently you can’t destroy
    Reto that easily and after a couple of beers and cigarettes Reto was back up on his feet and
    ready to go back to Gent for another partynight.

    Day eight: Tired and hungover we packed up our crap, got into the cars and after a stop at the
    park of Port Namur, where Mirco found the quarterpipe he’ll once marry, we headed home.

    Oh yeah, and everybody’s skating was so, so sick but I don’t want to take away the surprise;
    you can see all that in the video.

    TEXT: Marco Hofer

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DIY Skateboarding is Do It Yourself Skateboarding. Build your own skate park, under a bridge, in your backyard, in an abandoned lot. Maybe the city will shut it down, or maybe it will live on for ever, like Burnside, FDR, Washington Street, Cachagua Land.....

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