1. Have you ever been sorry for riding your mountainbike? Neither have I. This is a little motivational piece, that's supposed to remind all of you that bad conditions do not exist.

    Follow us for Behind-the-Scenes and Making-ofs: facebook.com/filmevondraussen

    Soundtrack composed and performed by karreo.com.
    Jeff K-ray, Composer
    Stélian Derenne, Supervisor

    Contact us at: filme-von-draussen.ch

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  2. FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion

    Between April 9 and 14, 2013 the art installation „FLUIDIC – Sculpture In Motion“ is being displayed in the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan. The installation was designed and produced by Berlin based design studio WHITEvoid in cooperation with Hyundai's Advanced Design Center.

    Combining a water pond, a physical point cloud formed by 12,000 illuminated spheres, 8 high-speed laser projectors and the interactions of its visitors, Hyundai's design philosophy "Fluidic Sculpture" is brought to life and transformed into a vivid art experience.

    Shaped by visitor interaction, randomly distributed molecules begin to swarm – aggregating and accumulating. They are constantly in motion, reacting to the people who seek to engage. Ever-changing dynamic light sculptures are created, conveying the essence of Hyundais design language, the inspirational role played by nature and the ability to continuously adapt and evolve.

    Due to a complex computer algorithm the particles of the cloud seem randomly arranged. But the algorithm takes into account the positions and projection angles of 8 high-speed laser projectors suspended around the artwork. This enables the lasers to hit and light up all spheres without any occlusion even deep inside the arrangement.

    The lit spheres finally form three-dimensional graphical compositions without any sweet or blind spots. Keeping the same density and intensity the FLUIDIC graphics enable their viewers to observe and interact simultaneously from every point of view. To analyze the positions of the visitors, their posture and gestures the installation incorporates multiple 3D camera tracking systems. FLUIDIC presents a form that is both flexible and solid, a flow with a distinctive profile but dynamic motion.

    WHITEvoid is happy to have worked with a fantastic team on this project:
    Joreg, Sebastian Gregor, Anton Mezhiborskiy (checksum5)
    Daniel Teige, Marian Mentrup (hammersnail)
    Michael Sollinger (LaserAnimation Sollinger)


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  3. Template link: videohive.net/item/multipurpose-slideshow/10579185?ref=Jackrust

    © framestore


    - 4 Projects Included:
    - 00:16 Seconds – 33 Placeholders
    - 00:35 Seconds – 40 Placeholders
    - 01:04 Minutes – 50 Placeholders
    - 02:00 Minutes (Extended Version) – 101 Placeholders
    - Full HD (1920×1080) Resolution
    - Modular Main Comp Timeline for easy Editing
    - Drag and Drop your Footage (Images or Video) and Render
    - For After Effects CS5.5 and Above
    - Universal Controls (20 Features)
    - Works with All AE Languages
    - Video Tutorial Included
    - Fully Customizable
    - No Plugins Required

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  4. I take no credit for the music and the speech spoken by Les Brown.

    "Going the distance" is a short-film meant to inspire people to aim higher, live your dreams and not dream away your life.

    The film has been shot over a period of one month at various locations within and without of Oslo, Norway. We have shot all the clips using the 5D mkii with the magic lantern firmware enabling raw-video capture. That has really meant a great deal to us. This is the first time we`ve used that firmware in extremesports environments. I have never been more pleased with the quality coming from that firmware.

    A negative thing was that we could not do playback while we where out filming so i pretty much had to relay on my monitor while filming to figure out whether we would have to do the scene again. That is of course a very negative thing, but I have to say that 99% of the time the result in post made me smile.

    Choosing swimming, football and downhill as the main choice`s was quite easy to establish early on. Swimming is a sport I have always wanted to capture with my camera. I was once an athlete-swimmer so I had quite a few camera angles and movements already figured out. Swimming also comes with an incredible visual coolness.

    Downhill is a sport that we have done before and it has worked well every time. The speed and the terrain is something that makes it look quite dangerous. People who watch extreme sport films want to see something go wrong and they are often likely to see just that. In our case the performer Lars Eirik Bakkom had a great experience with downhill and even though in might look dangerous we picked locations that would give us both visual excitment, but also a degree of safety.

    Choosing fotball was really not my idea. I personally find football a rather dull sport. My girlfriend thought that it would be a good idea to add football to the promo in order to apply to a more varied ordinance. I took on the challenge on trying to make it more interesting by being a little original in the way I would photograph it.

    In ending the promo we wanted to return to what the promo is all about, to aim high. Even tough sports may not be the only thing people have goals in, I thought the different sports would work as metaphors. Metaphors for whatever you have to give to reach your goals. After all, "Life is a marathon".

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  5. Created to inspire by Michael Marantz: michaelmarantz.com - twitter.com/michaelmarantz
    Produced by Already Alive alreadyalive.com

    Imagine the future as a movie, consider this a trailer to that movie.

    The future excites me so much, that is why I made this. We need to be inspired by the immense possibilities of the future and work extremely hard to achieve them. We can do it, we just have to commit.

    Help inspire others by sharing this video and tagging any interesting content on twitter with #TheFutureIsOurs

    Text from the Launchgram Manifesto: launchgram.com/manifesto

    Music by Michael Marantz: soundcloud.com/michaelmarantz/the-future-is-ours

    Thank you so much to the amazing vimeo community who supported this piece and allowed me to use their footage.

    Special footage credits:

    Variable - wearevariable.com
    Infinity List - infinitylist.com
    Patrick Lawler - vimeo.com/patricklawler

    CREDITS FOR FOUND FOOTAGE AND SPEECHES (in order of apperance)
    “Abundance is our Future” TED talk by Peter Diamandis ted.com/talks/peter_diamandis_abundance_is_our_future.html
    “Hawaii’s Clouds” by Michael Marantz - vimeo.com/40250952
    “Slow it Down” by Sacha Powell - vimeo.com/35668241
    President Ronald Reagan - Address on the Challenger Disaster - youtube.com/watch?v=gEjXjfxoNXM
    “Earth” by Michael König - vimeo.com/32001208
    “Solar Roadways” - vimeo.com/40095422
    “Solar Powered EV Parking” - vimeo.com/17408340
    Planetory Resources Video - youtube.com/watch?v=7fYYPN0BdBw
    Neil DeGrasse Tyson address Congress - youtube.com/watch?v=Xhc25v0DpJc
    “Holi” by Variable - vimeo.com/40123818
    Jason Silva at the Economist Ideas Conference 2012 - vimeo.com/40464684
    Honda “Asimo” - youtube.com/watch?v=LuymCZL5aWM
    “Look at Me” by Patrick Lawler - vimeo.com/8455331
    “462 in the Speed Demon” - youtube.com/watch?v=Le6aCV_CRvQ
    2005 Stanford Commencement Address by Steve Jobs - youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc
    “Experience Human Flight” by InfinityList - vimeo.com/22428395
    “Experience Zero Gravity” by InfinityList - vimeo.com/29017795
    “Lost in Tokyo” by Mark Bramley - vimeo.com/34447797
    “29 year old hearing for the first time” - youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA
    “Building something Big in Lousville” by GE - youtube.com/watch?v=BGljVE27vzU
    Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation - youtube.com/watch?v=rrkrvAUbU9Y
    Stephen Hawking: Asking big questions about the universe - youtube.com/watch?v=xjBIsp8mS-c
    Self Driving Car Test by Google - youtube.com/watch?v=cdgQpa1pUUE
    Apollo Saturn V Launch by Spacecraft Films - vimeo.com/4366695
    Space X Launch of Falcon 9 - youtube.com/watch?v=4vkqBfv8OMM
    Dragon Capsule with ISS - youtube.com/watch?v=ccNJDwJNngQ
    “Dublin’s People” by Phillip Bloom - vimeo.com/6475938
    Permission to use footage received when possible.

    I was not paid to create this video, I did this out of my passion to create and inspire. If your footage was used in this film and you were not contacted, please reach out to me with any concerns or extra credit requests.

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