1. Do You Have What It Takes….?

    If you were to hike to a vineyard, there would be a particular type of skill set required, and if you were to hike to Everest there would be a completely different skill set required – for those of you interested in playing a bigger game is your current skill set conducive to playing a game of ‘that’ magnitude?
    The 3 hardest things to get out of people are:
    (1) What do you want?
    (2) What are you committed to?
    (3) What you are motivated by
    And we wonder why our life shows up the way it does!
    Good ol Napoleon Hill talked about Altitude/Aptitude and Attitude. Altitude is about the magnitude of the game you can play, Aptitude is your ability to achieve what it is you are standing for, but 9 times out of 10, we have to sort out our attitude! Any form of confusion or complaint is a convenient mechanism to keep you under the radar!

    Maybe its time to show up in all your glory!

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  2. What would your life look like if fear didn’t have you at any level?

    Fear is but a projection from a disconnected state - we are either out in the future creating worlds that do not exist or we are dragging in something from the past
    We are so disconnected as a society, 7 billion odd people on the planet and we wake up everyday in these projections which are disempowering.
    All of human suffering is a function of what we make things mean
    What would your life look like if you no longer suffered?
    Who would you be if you no longer lived out of ANY drama?

    Fear is also a barometer of your disconnection from your faith which is my favourite.
    If you lead a connected existence fear cannot be present

    There is no reality to fear unless meaning from a disconnected state is fed

    Love and fear, there is a fine line, connected, disconnected! Which do you chose?

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  3. What would it be like if you never had a bad day ever again?

    I teach what it means to live and lead an Equanimeous life! The ability to be the observer of ‘what is’…not how you would have liked it to be, could have been, should have been, but what is – very zen…
    We usually operate our lives based on how we FEEL. When we are having a HIGH moment vs a LOW moment, or a GOOD day vs a BAD day, or we view something as RIGHT vs wrong – how we are operating denotes the different states.
    Whenever you are having a LOW moment or a BAD day or view something as WRONG you are living in the realm of manmade meaning. All of human suffering is a function of what we make things mean. Evolved Leadership teaches people to stop hurting permanently. Some people allow their bad day to not only affect their day, but their year and in some cases their life!
    How would it make you feel if you could learn how to remain empowered regardless of circumstance?
    Living in the now moment is critical to living a life where a bad day is a foreign concept. All knowledge is redundant unless applied, and sadly too few people apply what they know beyond their default (disempowered actions, beliefs, words, thoughts that hinders the ability to sustain change) because they don’t even know that they have a default state!
    When you operate at a lower level of consciousness all of your suffering stems from living a disconnected life adding manmade meaning to everything.
    When you operate at a higher level of consciousness, in the now moment, being the observer of all that is, devoid of meaning, living a connected life, there can be no suffering!
    Which do you chose moving forward, there is no comparison!

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  4. Why it's not working - the more we do, the more we seem to do.

    It pains me to witness the ludicrous nature by which we operate in business, believe me I have been there and at a level I think we all have to go through some form of ’toughen up buttercup phase’.

    Todays video is highlighting an area that sadly is rife for the typical entrepreneur/small to medium business owner who is running their own business

    We do a shit load of activity to fill the service offering we have and expect money to show up in our bank account. When it does not, we automatically think that DOING more activity is going to change the dysfunctional dynamic but it NEVER does.

    But here is the kicker we keep doing it. We keep throwing tireless hours at the business and still no joy in ROI

    At Evolved Leadership we are committed to people earning what it is that they are worth. So first things first to break the ludricacy cycle one needs to:-

    1. Know what you wish to earn per month (not annually) monthly. If you cannot answer this question you can be guaranteed of not earning it.

    2. Identify your packages, to forecast your revenue you have to lock people into 3-6-12 months programs. Dealing with one off types sessions is a hobbie not a business.

    3. Identify the quota, how many of what package do you need to sell to reach your desired monthly target.

    4. Focus your activity on filling this quota

    Result – desired $ in bank account.

    Ending the cycle of hard and struggle in your day to day life, let alone business is mission critical for after all what is it all about?

    To do the same thing and expect a different result is just humorous and the kicker is we all know this! So why keep doing it, it serves no one!

    Seriously I would highly recommending STOPPING if you are in the above category and redefining how you operate, you and your business deserves it

    I wanted to call this the Entrepreneurs Ludicracy Cycle…Lighten up folks, there is another way


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  5. Time Freedom.

    How may people do you know of who do not have time freedom? They still complain about time? They have done every time management course and still they don't have time.

    There is time management vs accountability management, which is our focus. Who would you be if you had more time freedom in your life? If you never complained about time in your life again, that would be pretty good right?

    Grab yourself a paper and a pen and draw four quadrants.

    Quadrant 1: Personal Boundaries

    How many people have personal boundaries in place? Personal boundaries are critical with reference to how you are feeling with reference to time in your life. A personal boundary can be food, fitness, a journal, relaxation, time out etc.

    Quadrant 2: Spoken Word.

    You cannot manage time because time is infinite. What you can manage is your accountability with your spoken word.Most peoples spoken word is very low when it comes to themselves. They will give their spoken word to someone else but will let themselves off the hook when it comes to their own lives.

    What is the kind of integrity you have with your spoken word? is it gospel?

    Are you accountable with your spoken word. Do you say you are going to do what you are going to do, whether it's to your boss, your partner, your kids, your friends or to yourself.

    To what degree is your relationship with your spoken word in integrity? If you can improve this area of your life you will have more time.

    Remember if you are complaining about something - You Love It. We've covered this in another video which you can watch here.

    Quadrant 3: Planning

    The plan is suppose to give you freedom, not to overwhelm you. A plan is there to provide you discipline. How honourable are you to never go into the next month until you do what you said you would?

    Quadrant 4: Renegotiate Disparate Activity

    In the corporate or business environment, you would be working to strategy and plan but you also have disparate activity. If you do not know how to deal with that disparate activity, the plan won't work and you will never be able to be your word and you will be in stressville, anxietyville, overwhelmville, because you tolerate disparate activity

    What is disparate activity? it's activity that comes from anywhere which is not on the plan. Either you are working to plan and what needs to be achieved or anything that upsets the plan needs to be renegotiated. There needs to be authority and autonomy in the environment to be able to do that.

    In closing, I focus on accountability, being gospel with your spoken word. That changes everything.

    If you want to transform your life, change your relationship with your spoken word. That will change your identity.

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