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  1. In this video I want to show how to make 2 different crucibles.

    First one is “Simple”. If you don’t have tools or time it can be useful for you. Of course that’s not my idea and many people make such things, so I only wanted to show how I did this. Nevertheless, everything is much easier with tools but if you don’t have even multitool is enough.

    For the first crucible we need:
    • 1 tin can
    • 2 bolts
    • 4 nuts
    • 4 split-ring lock washers

    In addition to make a lid:
    • piece of steel sheet
    • 1 bolt
    • 1-2 nuts
    That’s all we need

    Second crucible “More Complex” little harder to craft because we need some tools.

    We need such tools:
    • angle grinder;
    • drill
    • welder

    In addition, we need such stuff for the “More Complex” crucible:
    • 1 piece of 50 mm (2 inches) pipe;
    • 2 bolts;
    • 1 rectangular piece of steel;
    • piece of wire rod

    To make a lid:
    • piece of steel sheet;
    • 1 long bolt;
    • 4 nuts
    • 4 washers

    I have to make second, More Complex crucible because Simple just burned through during the first test. I’m still not sure why this happened. I have two ideas. First one is that tin cans have different thickness, so may be this one was to thin or may be the bottom was soldered not in the best way…

    The second theory is that I have given too much air. The issue was that aluminium scrap melted, but slag still was in the form of these pieces it make me to continue increase temperature even when the scrap was melted. That’s why it can be my fault.

    Finally, I’d like to recommend not to use a crucible from a can and try to make something using thicker steel. If you don’t have such opportunity, at least not forget to control temperature.

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  2. This is my first video about melting metals and building smelting furnaces. This time I tried to craft totally free melting furnace from the backyard scrap. During the whole process I didn’t spend even a cent  Don’t think that I’ll use this aluminum and copper melting furnace for too long because in my opinion homemade metal foundry should be more efficient, safe, handy and of course multi-purpose. So, that’s just an experiment if I’m able to do this. In addition, this furnace will help me to test different mixtures on their ability to withstand temperature up to 1100 oC (or 2012 oF). Therefore, in the future I’ll be able to make much better furnace.

    Concerning steps during my furnace building.

    First of all, I took old steel bucket which was used as a garbage can. I made a hole for the pipe which should supply the air to the furnace. After that I made ventilation holes near the center of the pot lid which will cover our furnace. It will help gases to circulate.

    Secondly, I took some bricks, which were left from our house building more than 30 years ago. These bricks should work as external walls of our furnace. According my plan, they will work for the temperature sustainability and of course as additional protection. They won’t be so hot as a crucible and all nearby objects. The bucket is rusted and in fact don’t have a bottom, that’s why we need such walls.

    After that, I made a crucible using a can from canned meat. I know that some people do such things but this was a mistake….

    As a blower, I decided to use old vacuum cleaner, which has the function not only to suck an air but also to blow it. I’ve decide that it’s better than hairdryer which many people use for that purpose. It worked fine, but it was too powerful for such a little furnace. I had to degrade its power.

    As a petrol I used charcoal. It was made by myself using firewood as a raw material. In addition, when the experiment was in process I added several little pieces of coal. Coal has grater burning temperature than charcoal. I think it helped me to increase the temperature faster but it smelled awful and black smoke appeared.

    Finally, I melted aluminum but it burned through the hole in the can and casted on the bottom of the bucket. I took it and prepare to use it in the new crucible made of pipe.

    Several tips for those who will try melting aluminium or other metals.

    1. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to use a tin can as a crucible! Cans can be made of different tin thickness and soldered using various ways. And when you use charcoal it is hard to control the temperature and it’s easy to burn something you didn’t expect to destroy.  If you have an opportunity, try to use something more reliable than a can.
    2. Remember to do everything safely. Temperature is grate.

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Dural Metalurg

Dural Metalurg

Hi everybody! I’ve decided to make a channel about metals melting and casting. I’ll try to organize all my videos as a step by step guide of how to make a metal melting furnaces, casting aluminium, copper, alloys and other linking stuff.

My website:…

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Hi everybody! I’ve decided to make a channel about metals melting and casting. I’ll try to organize all my videos as a step by step guide of how to make a metal melting furnaces, casting aluminium, copper, alloys and other linking stuff.

My website: http://duralmetalurg.simplesite.com
Page on instructables: http://www.instructables.com/member/DuralM/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evgen.tymchenko
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